Actor Selection

Actor Selection Process Tips

Actors play a huge role in filmmaking, literally. An exceptional storyline is useless without the right actors to portray the roles. When selecting actors, everyone in the production team should participate, but it is the director who makes the final call.

Below are few tips directors can use as they choose the right actor for the job:

  • Give each candidate on your list about thirty minutes of your attention

Rule of the thumb, narrow your candidates down to about six and make sure that you give each one of them enough time to showcase what they are capable of. Know their limitations as an actor and their worthiness for the role. You cannot assess their capabilities in just few minutes.

  • Record the actor selection process on camera

There are important details you cannot catch live, hence recording it will allow you to review their performance pieces. This is also a way for you to see how the aspiring actor works in front of the camera.

  • Taking notes is key

Make sure that you take note of not just the best things you see in an actor, but also the worst things. Take note of the names that struck you the most and reasons that made you so impressed with their performances.

  • Give your actors comfort

Applying for a casting role is so stressful. Take a little pressure off of them before they try to do something that not a lot of people can do. Ask them if they want something to drink and start with small talk.

  • Have someone to act with him or her

Let the actors bounce off of someone else. This can give you a better idea of whether or not the actor is the perfect fit for the role. It is highly encouraged that you limit the length of the script and should not choose extremely emotional scenes.

  • Be honest

Let the actor know what you like and what you do not like about his or her performance. Be honest. Avoid sugar coating, as that will not help them get to their dreams. Whether or not they get the part, they still deserve to know how they can improve.

Choosing the right actor for a role can be a daunting task; yet, if done right, the result can do your film justice.