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Six Most Essential Types of Art Supplies

If you are a beginner at artwork, you are probably wondering how to start your work. One of the things that will give you headaches is knowing the type of art supplies that are essential for artwork. You need to sit down and prepare a list of art supplies that are essential to your work, depending on the type of artistic work you carry out.

Fortunately, this article compiles a list of the most essential art supplies that are must-haves if you are venturing into the field of art and craft.

Crucial art tools for artists

  • Sketchbook

It is an essential tool for learners who wish to develop their drawing skills. Regardless of whether you are taking a drawing class or you are leaning on your own, a sketchbook should be on the top of your list as you go about looking for drawing tools. However, this does not mean that a sketchbook is only important to drawers, other artists can also make use of them. For instance, a painter can use a sketchbook to plan their work before actually reproducing it on the final material. Sketchbooks are good for practising shading, composition, and drawing shapes.

  • Ruler

Rulers come in handy when you want to draw straight lines on canvas or paper. You should buy a ruler which is at least 30cm in length and should be made of stainless steel (easy to clean). A ruler can also assist you when shading by providing you with fine margins where your shading should start/end. There are many other uses of a ruler in artwork that make it a must-have tool for most artists.

  • Paintbrushes

For painters, paint brushes are must-have tools. Several kinds of paint brushes are available in art stores, some good examples being natural versus synthetic and long versus short handle brushes. The differences can also be witnessed in the shape and size of a particular brush. You should choose paint brushes that are perfect for your artwork with striking specifications.

  • Colour wheel

As a new artist, you are not used to blending different colours, hence you need a colour wheel to show you which colours mix well with one another to form a nice colour blend. For new painters, do not forget this essential tool when you are shopping for art supplies.

  • Kneaded eraser

This is essential, especially for drawers.  A kneaded eraser is used to get rid of pencil marks. It is a special kind of eraser that does not damage your paper. Similarly, it does not leave residues on the paper. Another unique feature of a kneaded eraser is that it can be moulded into different shapes and can be used to erase either small or large areas.

  • Art pencil sharpener

For fine drawings, you need to use sharp pencils, thus you must have an art pencil sharpener for the job. The most suitable is the hand-held sharpeners because they are simple to use and you will be in control of the process and also avoid over-sharpening.

Where to shop for essential art supplies?

Getting a good store to shop for your essential art supplies Melbourne will guarantee you quality supplies. It is critical to find out more about a store in terms of the supplies they deal with, their experience, reputation, and other factors. Fortunately, most of these details are available on the internet.

Five Benefits Of A Mosaic Balloon Kit

Though mosaic balloon kits may seem simple, most people admire them for the many benefits that they bring to an event. We are in an era where there are plenty of options for doing things, and a mosaic balloon kit is one of the many options for decorating an event.

The fact that mosaic balloon kits can be used with other forms of decorations makes them versatile.

Let us look at some of the benefits of using mosaic balloon kits for decoration purposes in our homes and events.

Advantages of mosaic balloon kits

  • They are cost-effective

The amount of money to spend on a balloon mosaic kit depends on your choice of material and what you intend to achieve. For instance, if you want a big mosaic balloon sculpture that can be used for direction purposes, you will need more materials which will require more money. However, if you are only planning to make a simple mosaic balloon kit for a birthday event, you will use little resources which will be much more affordable as compared to when you switch to other forms of decorations.

  • They are simple to make

You only need a few tools to make the mosaic balloon kit. Although the materials may differ, you will need foam boards, templates, glue guns, balloons, and a cutter. You might also add other components that you consider useful in your mosaic balloon kit, such as decoration lights.

  • They are time-saving

Let us say that you have been asked to plan for an urgent event which will need decorations. In that case, it would be wise if you consider decorating the place with mosaic balloon kits because they are simple to make and will not need a lot of time to get done.

  • They are flexible

One of the striking features of a mosaic balloon kit is the fact that it can be designed to suit any event, unlike other types of decorations that you can only use for a particular occasion.

  • Great entertainment for children

Most children love balloons and are fond of playing with them. Imagine how your child will feel while being in an event surrounded by several mosaic balloon kits? They will love that event and will not get bored.

Why do most people prefer balloon mosaic kits?

Mosaic balloon kits are used by most people when they are throwing parties or events that need the place to be fun. One way of looking at this is by establishing the fact that mosaic balloon kits cost very little, but they make your place amazing and eye-catching. Another important reason why most people use mosaic balloon kits is because of their versatile nature, you can easily customise them to meet your requirements without even the help of an expert.

Moreover, most of us do not like solutions that will weigh us down in terms of resources, time, energy, and reasoning because we have plenty to worry about. That is why most of us switch to mosaic balloon kits to avoid the inconveniences that we will experience when hiring other types of solutions.

To sum up, a mosaic balloon kit is a good way of making an event beautiful and to help create the desired mood that will make the visitors enjoy as much as possible. There are plenty of materials from which you can choose to make these impressive kits.

Avoid all the pre-party stress! Just purchase a balloon mosaic kit online.

What To Look For In Gift Shops In Hervey Bay?

Giving gifts to people special to you is only normal, not only during special occasions, but every time you wish to send your loved one some generosity and a reminder of how special they are to you. If you are in Hervey Bay, shopping for gifts for your loved ones is easy and fast. There are so many gift shops around Hervey Bay where you can drop by and shop for gifts.

But of course, it always pays to be loyal to just one shop. If you are still thinking about which shop to stick with, here are some things you may want to look at a gift shop.

So where to shop? Here are some of the things you may want to look in a gift shop:


There is nothing wrong being generous, but of course, there are some moments when all you want is to make him or her feel special without spending a huge amount of dollars. Choosing a shop that lets you buy gifts at more affordable prices is a good idea.

Some shops sell more expensively than others, and choosing them is not ideal at all, as you are getting the same item at a higher price.

Huge selection of gifts

A one-stop shop is always a winner. Choose a gift shop in Hervey Bay where you can buy almost everything you need. The shop should have enough selections of gifts for all ages and different occasions.

The more gift options they offer, the better. This is not only convenient, but it can also give the giver the chance to choose the best gift to give. Limiting yourself to a few options may limit your chance of giving an item or object that would make your receiver’s heart melt.

Has a website

Not a requirement, but choosing a shop that has a website is a good idea. Shopping through their website is very convenient. This will allow you to shop anytime you want, and anywhere you are. Also, if they have a website, it is easier to reach them if you have inquiries or questions to ask.

You do not need to buy on their website. You can visit the site to window shop and check what they have.

Offers delivery services

It is also best if the shop offers delivery services. If they have an online store, delivery is absolutely an option they provide. But needless to say, if you are visiting their physical shop and planning to buy many items, but you do not have a private vehicle, their delivery service can help you shop without thinking about how to bring the gift items home.

Also, if you want the gift you purchase to be delivered to your loved ones, their delivery service can do it without sweat on your end.

Friendly staff

It is always good to shop with nice staff to assist you with your needs. Choosing a shop that has staff that can help you find the best gift to give your loved one is a great idea. The friendliness is not only for their sales personnel but also for their phone operators, managers, and cashiers.

Giving gifts to your loved ones will not only give the receiver happiness, as the thought of making your loved one smile is worth every centavo you will spend.

Wondering what gift shops are in Hervey Bay? Do a search online to check out who offers the best services in your area.

Fine Art Prints Brisbane explained

You probably wonder why a higher price tag is attached to an art print in a store. In Brisbane, what can justify the expensive price of art prints Brisbane when they are only reproductions?

The Objectives of Art Prints

The huge strides in technology in recent years have turned the printing into an art form. Digital printing has made it possible for every print shop or DIY project to get decent printing results.

However, quality is with art prints than quantity. Fine art prints of famous artworks can attach a hefty price to them because of quality work. Simply put, better printing surfaces and the high-quality of inks used to make the print closely resemble the original artwork explains the expense.

The deterioration of the reproductions will not be as fast because of the quality products used for printing them. This quality in art prints offers another explanation for the higher price attached to them.

Only a few people really understand fine art prints even when a lot of printing companies offer them. Art prints printed on paper use thicker and high-quality paper.

When it comes to ink, the high-quality inks used to make the prints makes them last longer. The prints also give a highly-defined image as well. Art prints are not confined to paper printing alone.

Some of the products that fine art printing can be used include:

  • Copper
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Canvas
  • Almost any imaginable material

Getting creative using art prints is one of the best ways to preserve memories. The longevity and excellent quality of art prints can, over time, increase their value. After all, they are not simply “photocopies” but a higher art form using the latest technology.


Using Art Prints for your Business


Art prints should be seriously considered for businesses such as cafes, restaurants, bakeshops, and more. Since they can be printed on any type of surface, their longevity and high quality make them wonderful additions to any business

For one thing, you don’t have to resort to simply hang them on the walls of business when an artwork can be directly printed on tables or even on brass and copper plates.

Fine art prints are fast becoming the choice of hotels. Yesterday, using posters were good enough. However, replacing them after a few years because of wear and tear has made them become expensive decor options.

Not with art prints wherein the same high-quality print stays for a long time without tarnishing and fading. While opting for art print can temporarily set you back, it’s still a sound investment in the long run.

Art prints are smart investments for businesses dealing in artwork. The reproductions of famous paintings in art print can become a steady source of income. People like the clear reproductions and the high-quality work that can even pass as original work!


Common ways of using Fine Art Prints


Fine art prints can be used for common but important events such as birthdays, weddings, and more. While most people are not aware of fine art prints, using them to reproduce important photos is the best way to make them stay as pristine as the day they were first taken.

If you want a unique way of preserving important milestones in your life, reproducing them in fine art print is the perfect solution. We are here to help. Contact us at fine art by Southern Cross Printing.



Choosing the perfect silk scarf

Silk Scarves Online

Besides being a great fashion accessory, silk scarves are popular because of their versatility as well. The chic silk scarves never go out of fashion. In fact ever since the first silk scarf was introduced by Hermes in 1937, it has been a staple on the fashion scene. There is a timeless and classic appeal to a well-crafted skill scarf. It can make any ordinary outfit look glamorous.

Even if you have a modest wardrobe, a silk scarf can be your key accessory. It can help turn your ordinary black dress into something more sophisticated. A bare shouldered dress can look equally glamorous with a silk scarf from Outstations Online draped over it to create a feminine flair.

Most women have also taken for wearing scarves on their head or in turban fashion. Though these are not generally due to religious connotation, but just some women experimenting with style and going for what really brings out their best feature.

In fact Selfridges introduced bandanas designed by Loewe and Roksanda. These could be tied around the neck or the head or even tied around the hand bag. There was a great demand for these bandanas. Tying a scarf around the bag makes it look more personalised. At Fendi you can pick a bag and have it specially customised by choosing a twill scarf to be woven around the handle. Women are now more into make a personal style statement and what better way to do than choosing a silk scarf to adorn any outfit.

You can choose from trendy summer designs to the warmer jewel tones in a silk scarf. Any piece that you choose needs to be styled with perfection, otherwise the scarf might lose some of its appeal. When paired with a white t-shirt a scarf can be worn as a bandana to add a splash of colour and also add to your personal style statement.

Styling silk scarves

You can style a silk scarf in the following ways

  • It can be worn around the neck is a causal knotted style. When worn with a simple top and jeans, the scarf can make the causal outfit look a whole lot snazzy.
  • It can be worn draped over the shoulder. You can use it to cover your bare shoulders or you could be a bit cheeky and jut drape it over one shoulder for a slightly modest look.
  • Printed scarves look great with plain outfits. Choose scarves in neutral colours to amp up the look and maintain their timeless appeals. The best thing about neutral scarves is that these can be worn with almost any outfit and styled in any specific way.
  • However, if you prefer bright colours then a brightly coloured scarf is a great fashion accessory. It can make your ordinary dress stand out when tied around the waist. If you have a lose dress and would like to add some shape and dimension to it, simple use the scarf as a belt and it would help define your curves much better

Silk scarves can be styled in a variety of ways.