Film Making

The Process of Filmmaking

If you love films, then you must have wondered about how they are made before they reach your screen. You must have pictured a long process that took a lot of manpower and resources. Well, you’re right. However, the whole filmmaking process can be summarized into a few easy-to-understand steps. This list might be especially useful if this is something that you want to do one day.

  1. Coming up with the idea

Everything begins with a single or a few ideas. These can range from popular books, to life stories, to one’s imagination put down on paper. This is the foundation that everything else concerning the film is built on, so it is important to get it right.

  1. Writing the script

Once an idea is adopted, the next step is coming up with a script. This is a draft of the storyline of the film. The script is subject to change from time-to-time as the movie develops. It is made up of dialogue, actions, setting, and character names, as well as a few other things.

  1. Pre-production stage

This is where the major components of the film start coming together. You will choose a location, a budget, a cast, a director, and etcetera.

  1. The actual production

Production or filming is where you actually get the cameras rolling. The actors will know their lines, the directors will be taking charge, the cameramen will be incredibly busy. Make sure you have quality equipment and personnel so as to ensure that you get the film that you want.

  1. Editing

This is arguably the most important stage, as you will work on bringing the different scenes together and creating the picture as you envisioned it. You should be done shooting all of the scenes.

  1. The release

Once the editing is done, you set a release date and start distributing your film.

The process is long and requires one to be keen on even the smallest details. However, if you’ve done everything well, you can certainly reap a lot of fruit.