The Six Dollar Fifty Man – Short Film

“It’s hard to look after yourself in the playground when you’re different.

Set in 1970s New Zealand, The Six Dollar Fifty Man follows Andy, a gutsy eight year-old boy who lives in a make believe superhero world where his imagination allows him to perform extraordinary physical feats, to deal with playground bullies. But when Andy gets in trouble with the headmaster, he realises that to save himself & his only friend Mary, he must face up to the real world.”





Magical World of Misery DVD $29.95

The Magical Misery Tour follows Misery from her early years as a prominent, yet self conscious, Auckland graffiti artist through to the present where a ‘sexy’, confident artist is realizing her dream of transforming her miserable creations into real three dimensional collectable characters alongside the cream of the world’s top artists.


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Living Room Series 3 DVD $39.95

The third and final installment of the award winning series, The Living Room. Filmed in Sticky Pictures distinctive style and featuring New Zealand artists practicing at home and abroad.
This series picked up a best directors awards for Mark Albiston in it’s catagory at the NZ Screen Awards. The series featured the work of Wayne Youle, Kate Ruth, Carl Gifford, Tanya Marriott, Andy Morton, Tusiata Avia, Simon Morse, Rod Bridgman, Caitlin Devoy, Inia Taylor, Steve Abel, Sally Penn, Grenel Family, Steven McNicholl, Ed Davis, Sofia Tekela-Smith, Bevan Smith, Greg Parker, John Collie, Emma Jean, Chalrie Ash, Fiona Clake, Darryn Sigley, Elliot & Fiasko, Tracey Williams, Kirk Harding, Nick McFarlane, Louise Potiki Bryant, Golden Axe, Melin & Kez Glozier, Ross Liew and Barry Coburn.

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