Fine Art Prints Brisbane explained

You probably wonder why a higher price tag is attached to an art print in a store. In Brisbane, what can justify the expensive price of art prints Brisbane when they are only reproductions?

The Objectives of Art Prints

The huge strides in technology in recent years have turned the printing into an art form. Digital printing has made it possible for every print shop or DIY project to get decent printing results.

However, quality is with art prints than quantity. Fine art prints of famous artworks can attach a hefty price to them because of quality work. Simply put, better printing surfaces and the high-quality of inks used to make the print closely resemble the original artwork explains the expense.

The deterioration of the reproductions will not be as fast because of the quality products used for printing them. This quality in art prints offers another explanation for the higher price attached to them.

Only a few people really understand fine art prints even when a lot of printing companies offer them. Art prints printed on paper use thicker and high-quality paper.

When it comes to ink, the high-quality inks used to make the prints makes them last longer. The prints also give a highly-defined image as well. Art prints are not confined to paper printing alone.

Some of the products that fine art printing can be used include:

  • Copper
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Canvas
  • Almost any imaginable material

Getting creative using art prints is one of the best ways to preserve memories. The longevity and excellent quality of art prints can, over time, increase their value. After all, they are not simply “photocopies” but a higher art form using the latest technology.


Using Art Prints for your Business


Art prints should be seriously considered for businesses such as cafes, restaurants, bakeshops, and more. Since they can be printed on any type of surface, their longevity and high quality make them wonderful additions to any business

For one thing, you don’t have to resort to simply hang them on the walls of business when an artwork can be directly printed on tables or even on brass and copper plates.

Fine art prints are fast becoming the choice of hotels. Yesterday, using posters were good enough. However, replacing them after a few years because of wear and tear has made them become expensive decor options.

Not with art prints wherein the same high-quality print stays for a long time without tarnishing and fading. While opting for art print can temporarily set you back, it’s still a sound investment in the long run.

Art prints are smart investments for businesses dealing in artwork. The reproductions of famous paintings in art print can become a steady source of income. People like the clear reproductions and the high-quality work that can even pass as original work!


Common ways of using Fine Art Prints


Fine art prints can be used for common but important events such as birthdays, weddings, and more. While most people are not aware of fine art prints, using them to reproduce important photos is the best way to make them stay as pristine as the day they were first taken.

If you want a unique way of preserving important milestones in your life, reproducing them in fine art print is the perfect solution. We are here to help. Contact us at fine art by Southern Cross Printing.